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Let Go

Release Date: Nov 24, 2014

Written, Produced & Directed by    :   Daniel Ruczko
Cast    :   Maharani Volmer, Leif Pahl & Franziska Stobbe
Music by    :   Daniel Ruczko
Cinematography by   :   Daniel Ruczko
Edited by   :   Daniel Ruczko & Florian Kelm
Color Grading by   :   Florian Kelm
Executive Producer    :   Heiko Heilemann-Bartsch
Genre    :   Drama / Short
Runtime    :   5 min.

Synopsis: Let Go is the story of changes in a relationship and what people are capable of doing out of love, told in a monologue.

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Special Thanks

We wanna thank the following people who helped making this movie possible:

Heiko Heilemann-Bartsch, Timo Küpker, Necia Jaxon, Jonathan Cook, Michael Indyk, Greg Sticker, John Panzlau, Sebastian Dorbrietz, Florian Kelm,
Liz Napino, Tim Sch, Bernd Wiehle, Per Sterner, Oliver Buchholz, Cambridge Godwin, Dan Foutch, Tyll Riedeman, Robert Luedke.